Advent Calendar

Here goes the most exciting part of my craft store run the other day.  I decided to do an Advent Calendar for my son this year and not the typical kind.  We did that about two years ago and it was a disaster.

We just got the cheap Advent Calendar that has chocolate in each of the tabs counting down until Christmas.  For whatever reason we pinned it up in my son’s room right next to his bed.  At that point we would help him get ready for bed but he would put himself in bed, so my husband and I rarely saw the calendar so we would miss days at a time.  My son would notice it when it was bed time or fist thing in the morning, these were not the best times to have chocolate but we would still let him, in which he would have 2-3 pieces.  we went about it the wrong way, well not this year.

I saw a pin on Pinterest listing ideas for a homemade Advent Calendar.  I choose to put crafts, little toys, and books in these little red bags I got from Hobby Lobby.


That way each day we get closer to christmas he will have a little something to do to keep his mind off of the wait and keep him busy he will have a looooooong break from school.


He can paint these and hang them up on our tree.


This is another ornament he can make and hang on the tree.  I will be going to other craft store as soon as I can to get more, I will keep you updated

My son is going to love this.  This will be something special just for him.  The baby can take up a lot of our time sometimes and a little daily gift will let him know we are thinking of him and we can spend more time together doing the craft of activity.

Can’t wait for December 1st.


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