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Pictures…What to do with them

I am a little embarrassed to admit this but here it goes.  Last week I got digital pictures developed for the first time.

The last time I got pictures printed was two years ago.  I took pictures on a…wait for it (I have been watching “How I Met Your Mother)… disposable camera.  My whole family made fun of me for months, it cost almost $20 to print (probably because they had to dig the machine out from the back, repair it, and dust it off), and the pictures were horrible all the reasons why I will never do that again.

But these pictures were perfect and I knew they would be because I could see them on the screen before I printed it.  I don’t have a fancy digital camera, obviously, but I do have a great camera on my cell phone.  I have the Samsung Note 3 and before that the Samsung Galaxy, I gave myself a huge upgrade.

What prompted these pic prints? you might ask.  A sale of course.  I got 75 prints for about $10 with a code at Walgreens.  I think sales are a great way to try new things.  If you don’t like the product at least you didn’t pay full price.

Now that I have all of these pictures what should I do with them?  I obviously want to display them, but how and where?  I live in a small two bedroom apartment with not a lot  of shelf space and I already have art work I want to put up, don’t want to put too many holes in the wall.

I will think more on how to display these, aka Pinterest.


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