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I have an old scrapbook that was given to me as a gift from my mom back in 06 or 07.  The book came as a scrapbook starter set with stamps and stamp pads, ribbon, 3D flowers, stickers, etc…  After getting it (I think is was a Christmas gift) I sat in it for about 2-3 months  I just couldn’t decide what to make this book about.  I had just started dating my now husband when it hit me, I could make it about us. I think I scrapbooked about 1 1/2 pages when I realized we don’t have many pictures nor have we actually gone out on many dates outside of just hanging out at each others houses. So I scrapped (literally) that idea and haven’t looked at the book since.

But now that I have all of these new pictures (pictures post) why not give it another go and I already know what to make it about, the whole family.

I recently read this post on ABM’s blog (scrapbooking post) about how to get started on scrapbooking.  For one, and I completely agree, you don’t need a ton of stuff to scrapbook, too much can be overwhelming.  The more scrapbooking products I saw the more I wanted, the more I felt like I didn’t have enough with my starter kit.  This was another reason why I stopped.

I felt like I needed every page to be full of pictures, quotes, and art work, all of which I did not have much of.  But some of the examples on the ABM blog(another AMB post on scrapbooking) were great pages that weren’t filled to the brim and they looked great, elegant, colorful, and fun.

This is what I want to get back into and I can incorporate some of my own art which gives me an excuse to paint and draw without having to worry about how or if I can display it.  Let me do a few practice pages and I will post about them soon!

Here are a few pictures of the set.


Front and back

This is the book that came with it.
It has so many pockets that I could keep any and all thing I get for scrapbooking!

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