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Blanket Update

I was feeling a little sick this week.  It was just a cold, sore throat, runny/dry nose, and just feeling tired and weak.  The only good that came from this cold is that I got a lot done on the fan blanket, there wasn’t much else I could do.


Although I don’t think I will have it done by the end of November I know it will be done soon after.  I am now up to two rows a day when before I couldn’t even get one done.

Lately I have been making more To Do Lists and setting goals.  It just feels so good to check things off as I go.  I set goals for the month and try to either meet or exceed them.  If I don’t meet a goal I don’t get down on myself I just try to improve next month and try to exceed in other areas.

I will be posting goals for December and let you know how I am doing.  You can tell me your goals in the comments below and I will check in with you to see your progress.  i think it helps to motivate me to accomplish more if other people know what I am supposed to have done by a certain time, this may help you too.


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