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December Goals

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Here goes the list of goals I was talking about in my previous post!

  1. Last month I wanted to post on my blog at least once a week well I exceeded that foal big time.  This month I want to raise it to at least two posts a week.  This is a goal I know I can make and even exceed but I also don’t want to put too much pressure on myself.
  2. Last month my temporary nanny job ended.  By the end of this month I want to have a permanent nanny job one that I can bring my daughter to.
  3. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.  I have been slacking in this department not only for myself but my family as well.  They depend on me to out the meals together and shop for them.  If it’s not available they can’t eat it.  We always have a vegetable for dinner but not always a fruit and fruits/veggies don’t always show up at other meals.  This is not only a December goal but also a lifestyle goal.
  4. Clean up after dinner each night.  In the past few weeks I have come up with a daily routine and have been very good about making sure everything gets done on its specific day, but for some reason I just can’t get the kitchen done.  First of all it’s the room I hate cleaning the most and after I have eaten I don’t really want to look at it anymore, but by the morning I regret not doing it, it’s hard to make breakfast, lunches, and coffee in a dirty kitchen.

I think this should be enough its only for one month, I don’t want to over do it.  One other thing, and I try to do this on a daily basis, is evaluate each day and see where I can improve.  I ask myself how can I make my day easier, get more done, have more time with my family.

Hope to see some of your goals in the comments below.


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