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Pumpkin-Brownie Swirl Pie Review

Here is a review of the pie I made my family for Thanksgiving.


  • Making the Pie:

This pie was very easy to make.  Just whip up the pumpkin batter and the brownie batter, poor them in a pie pan, and bake.  There was a lot more brownie batter than pumpkin batter, so I ended up now using all of the brownie batter.

  • Tasting the Pie:

The pumpkin batter is very good not too sweet.  The brownie batter is good as well although it is not as sweet as most brownies, it is a little bitter.  With that being said only the adults liked the pie.  I loved it!  I froze what was left over so I could have some over the next few weeks.  I will definitely make this in the future!

Here is the recipe again.


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