First Crack at Scrapbooking

A few days ago I went through the pictures I had developed.  I was trying to find a theme, some way to group the pictures together on a page.  So far I have my daughters first birthday and a few pictures of the kids with their aunt (these are the examples I have here today).


I wasn’t sure how to get started so I placed and taped down the pictures first.  I figured since they were the most important part of the book I should put them on the page first.  I just used regular scotch tape I rolled a piece to make it double sided and put a piece in each corner.  I am not sure how other people stick their pictures to the page but I don’t like the idea of the pictures being here forever, who knows I may need to take them off for some reason or another.  I also didn’t cut the pictures.  I don’t want to permanently “disfigure” them.  This also leaves less room for the extra decorative stuff, I feel overwhelmed if I have to fill in a ton of space.



After I taped down the pictures I added words, the second most  important part of the page.  Lastly I added some what I call add ons to pull the whole page together.  My stamp pads were dried up so I used marker on the stamps they didn’t turn out as dark as I wanted I think next time I will use paint.

I don’t intend for this book to flow as a whole I want each page to be viewed individually and each page to reflect the pictures on them.

I didn’t have much time to work on this, the baby didn’t take too long of a nap, but I enjoyed it very much and hope to scrapbook two pages a week

Here is the other page I did.
I placed the pictures first then the add ons. On this page I used some fiber strips to frame the pictures and hide the somewhat uneven placement.


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