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Deep Cleaning My Son’s Room


Every year before christmas, and sometimes my son’s birthday, I go through his  room.  I deep clean it, because he is not good at it, and I find toys he doesn’t play with to donate.

My son is so lucky to have such a big giving family that we are even able to give a lot of old toys and games away to make room for the new.  I do the cleaning and setting aside of the toys and games I think my son should donate, but he has the ultimate say over if it goes or not.  He has such a giving heart and understands that not all kids are as lucky as him, so more often than not he says that we can give it away.

I am not done yet this is a job that take two to three day, because I have to do this while he is at school and while the baby is asleep.  So far we are donating about six big dinosaurs and 15 or so puzzles.

Do any of you with children do this?  If you do how do you go about explaining to your child why they need to get rid of something whether it is to donate or to the trash?  I would love to read about it in the comments below


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