Advent Calendar Update

I decided to put together my own advent calendar for my son this year instead of buying the candy filled calendars.  And I must say this has been so much fun to put together and do.

At first I was putting everything in a red bag with the number of days until christmas paper clipped to it, but since I only had three bags to work with at a time and have a terrible memory it was hard to keep it all up.  So after a while I would just hand my son his countdown gift or activity and he would tell me how many days until christmas.

Here are a few of the things he got and did.


  • Painted 4 ornaments
  • Made a beaded penguin ornament (with the help of his aunts)
  • Two Christmas coloring books
  • Christmas activity book
  • Putting together a gingerbread house kit

Small Gifts

  • Christmas thermus
  • Christmas socks
  • Santa necklace
  • Rudoff nose

With Christmas almost here he has a few more countdown gifts to go until the big present hull, now all my husband and I have to do is wrap it all.  I hate that part I am not good at it at all but thankfully my husband is.

Here are a few pictures of the things my son made.


They are hanging from the candler because we haven’t put our tree up yet.  With a baby running around getting into everything I don’t want to add more fun to her day and more cleaning up to my day.

Do your kids decorate Christmas ornaments for the tree? If so is it a yearly tradition or just when you can find time to make them?





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