Scrapbook Pages 3 and 4

Here are some pictures of the pages I did this week.  I hope you like them and can get inspiration from them, my family loves them.  But that may be just because they can finally see some of the pictures we have taken.


Dress Up Time
Dress Up Time

This page is of the kids playing dress up.  I am just sticking with what came in the starter kit for my first book, so I don’t really have a ton of stickers and quotes to work with. I was able to find some word stickers that I thought described what they were doing and how they felt.  I used “Think Fun” and “The Time of Our Lives.”  I also stacked three flowers to get some more color on the page as well as some depth.

One mistake I made on this page was not planning out the letters before I placed them.  I ended up having to put the second S on the top right picture.  Trust me this won’t happen again.


So Sleepy
So Sleepy

I had a ton of pictures of the baby sleeping, aren’t sleeping babies the cutest?, so I put my favorites on this page (most fave is the one of her yawning).  Digging around again in the limited supplies I had, I was able to find two stickers to work on this page, “Dream” and “Hugs and Kisses,” the only two things that should happen at bedtime.  I also drew my own clouds and stars in the background, if I was really thinking and planning ahead I would have used paint, but other than that I think this page turned out really well.

From here on out I will be posting two scrapbook pages each saturday.  I would love to know what you think and if you more experienced scrapbookers out there have any tips or tricks for me all in the comments below.


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