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Gifts From the Kid’s to Their Grandparents (DIY)

This year I wanted the kids to make a gift for their grandparents.  My son painted 2×2 canvases that I glued magnets too and my daughter is putting her hand print on a board that I painted.  The total Cost of two gifts for each of the 3 grandparents was only $18.  I thought this was a great price and I know they will love a hand made gift from them over anything store bought.



  • 2×2 Canvases
  • Paint (I picked four colors for them both to use so the gifts would match)
  • Magnets to glue to the back
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Cute little fingers

PROCESS (my son did most of the work):

  • paint the background and sides of the canvas


  • dip three fingers in paint and stamp on the canvas
  • once dry add in the features like buttons, eyes, mouth, and hat.


  • glue the magnets to the back of the canvas (the canvases we bought did not have a flat back, so I filled the back half way with glue and dropped the magnet it, befor it could dry I turned it back over face up so it would not sink to the bottom.)


My husband picked up some gift bags from Hobby Lobby that my son could decorate for his grandparents, I wrapped the magnets is ribbon and dropped them in the bag.




  • Large poster board cut into thirds or a large canvas
  • Paint
  • Letter Stamps
  • Cute little baby hands


  • I cut the board into thirds then painted the background


  • I used the letter stamps I already had and stamped out the message “My Fingers My Be Small But I Can Still Wrap My Grandma And Grandpa Around Then”


  • Once everything was all dry I painted my daughter’s hands and stamped them on the board (she had a blast with the blue paint on her hands)



I just gently wrapped the boards up with tissue paper and stuck a To:/From: sticker with her name on it.

The kids really enjoyed making these gifts for their grandparents and we will likely do this every year.



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