December Goals Update

Just a little doodle of mine

1.  Blog Goals:

So far I have been posting twice a week.  I got off to a rocky start being sick over Thanksgiving.  You can expect to see a post from me every Thursday and Saturday with occasional Friday posts if I have some extra news to share.

2.  Job Goal:

I was able to find a permanent nanny job that I can bring my baby along to, but it is only part time.  I am hoping to find another part time job and I should be good.

3.  More Fruits and Veggies:

I am doing much better making sure to off both at least twice a day and I will start making breads with veggies hidden inside to give us some more in a snack.

4.  Clean up After Dinner:

This has proven to be very hard habit to get into.  I have at least been keeping the dishes down by cleaning the kitchen right before I cook dinner, that way only that nights dishes are the only things in the sink.  I at least have more room to make breakfast and coffee!

I am doing good to keep up with my goals but cannot slack on them now that the month is almost over, I would like to continue to do these every month.  I can’t believe December and 2014 is almost over both have gone by so fast.  January Goals are in the works now,


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