Scrapbook Pages 5 &6

I did a little something different with the two pages I scrapbooked this week.  This week I added a little paint to them, I am running low on stickers and other add ons so I had to get creative.  I had fun with it and really love how it turned out!

Flag Football:

Flag football 2014
Flag football 2014

For this page I painted footballs down the left side.  I just did the basic shape of a football I wasn’t trying to out too much effort into it, it is just in the background and the focus should always be on the pictures.

I overlapped four pictures of my son playing flag football in a kind of pinwheel shape.

I added in letter stickers along the right side and bottom to spell out “Go Team” and “Flag Football 2014” with stars around it because my son was a star on the team.  For the words “Flag Football” I used a mix of upper and lower case letters, I did this on the next page a well, I think it makes the pages look fun and funky.

There is also the letters T and D to stand for touchdown and the xoxoxo in this case is for the Xs and Os you would see in a playbook.

Great Day to Get Wet:

Great day to get wet
Great day to get wet

This page is of the kids playing in the water jets downtown.  I had a ton of pictures of the baby but only one of my son, he was too busy running through all the jets.

Before I taped the pictures down I tried painting dots on the page using the eraser on the back of a pencil.  My dots were a little uneven, some really big some small, but I like how it turned out.

I did the mix of upper and lower case letter stickers with the message “Great Day to Get Wet” and “Fun Times.”

I also included a note about how we ended up at the water jets.

Over all I am happy with the new techniques I used on these two pages.  See you next week and as always I welcome any and all comments below.


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