Scrapbook pages 7&8

This week in scrapbooking I took it easy.  I didn’t really have a plan for these pages, I just started with the pictures and hoped something would come to me.  I was able to pull together two really good pages, but then again I always think that.

You Look Like Your Dad:


I had a stack of pictures with the baby and I, the baby and her big brother, and the baby and her dad.  I originally wanted to celebrate how much we love her, but I was in a playful mood so I went with “You Look Like Your Dad but We Love You Still” in sticker letters.

I was going to leave it at that but I was able to find three stickers about love to put the focus back on that and one that said “My Best Friend,” my son and baby have been playing so well together over the holiday break.

I also added some bows made from fibers to add a playful feminine touch.

Just Have ‘N Fun:


I overlapped seven pictures, so I could get as many of our silly pictures as I could on the page.  I really wanted the focus to be on out silly pictures so I didn’t add much and I think it looks perfect this way.

What type of pictures do you use in your scrapbook?  Do you ever add in silly pictures or sad day pictures?  As always I would love to see some of your pages if you scrapbook or you can join me  in scrapping two pages a week!



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