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Winter Break

This was the worst/best winter break.

Let’s start with the positives of my son and my winter break:

  • I got to be on break too.  The new part time nanny job I got is for a teacher, so any time she has off I get off as well.
  • My daughter actually slept in.  For over two weeks I got to sleep in until 8! Of course now that we are back to school and work I need to start my goal of getting up 15 minutes earlier, today sadly I only got up 5 minutes earlier but wow did it make a difference can’t wait to see what 15 minutes does for me!
  • We had fun getting to spend so much extra time with the family.
  • We also had fun when we were at home.  My son got plenty of games for Christmas to keep us busy and we also played some of his old games.
  • I had more time to just relax and craft.  I got the crochet blanket done, learned a new form of drawing, and picked up an old project, I will get into those in future posts.

Now for the bad part of our winter break:

  • Because I didn’t work for two weeks I didn’t get paid for two weeks.
  • I was sick twice. My son and I had the stomach flu the first week, thankfully we were better by Christmas Eve.  The second week I had the worst cold of my life, thankfully again I was better by New Years Eve.
  • My daughter is down to one nap.  This makes the evening a little difficult.  She is super cranky but I don’t want her to go to bed any earlier.  I also have one less nap to get stuff done and craft.

Over the break wasn’t too bad but I am happy to get back to normal.  I left on time, got to work on time, cleaned the house while my daughter napped and the house is still clean because the kids don’t have that much time to mess it up.  My son came home and got all of his homework done, he is really good about getting it done he loves school and homework I hope he stays like this forever.  We had a great first day back!!!! We gotta keep this up.

For any readers out there do you have kids in school?  How was their break?  How did you keep them busy?  Are you happy school is back in?

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