Completed Fan/Shell Crochet Blanket

I finally finished this blanket last week.  I had high hopes that it would have been done last month but with the holidays and being sick three times (2 stomach bugs and a bad cold) there was just no way.  But never the less it is done and my son couldn’t be happier.  When I told him I had one more row to do he hugged me.  I haven’t seen the blanket since I finished it, he keeps it on his bed and snuggles with it there, it is such soft yarn.


I enjoyed learning the fan/shell stitch, which ever you want to call it.  It was hard to get used to but once I finally got the hang of it, I was flying through the rows.  That just goes to show you really have to stick with something, even if it is not as easy as you thought it would be.

I can’t wait to learn a new stitch, if any of you crocheters out there have any suggestions I would love to check them out in the comments below.

Thank you!


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