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Scrapbook Pages 9 & 10

This week in scrapbooking I ran out of the colored paper that came with the set.  I knew I would.  Each page that I did I only used one side.  I did it this was just in case I wanted to change the order of the pages or when I do another book I can switch the pages from book to book.

I didn’t want to scrap on plain white paper, so I painted a bunch.  This week I am using the blue pages.  One is solid blue and the other is 90% solid and on the bottom I just painted brush strokes along the bottom.

Bath Time Fun:

Bath Time Fun
Bath Time Fun

This page is of the baby in the tub.  She has always loved playing in the tub and now that she is older when I ask if she wants to take a bath she just runs to the bathroom without saying a word.

I am running very low on sticker letters, I can’t even put together one word.  But that’s ok.  I have been mixing up the different patterned/sized stickers and even using my letter stamps.  For this bath theme I spelled out “Bath Time Fun,” “Wet,” “Tub,” and “Splash.”  I also glued on some buttons.

Jordan and the Ice Queen:

Ice Queen
Ice Queen

For the next few pages I am going to do something different.  I have a few pictures that I am going to write up a backstory to.

This picture is of my son and the Ice Queen.  We always get pictures taken with Santa before Christmas at the mall, a few years in a row there was also the Ice Queen, I am sure my son enjoyed sitting with her over sitting with Santa.

I placed the picture on the right and the story on the left.  I also added in sme christmas stickers my son had.  He has had them for years and of course as soon as I used them he was worried I would use them all like he uses them all the time, christmas is over anyway.

Thanks again for joining me this week in Scrapbook Saturday.  As usual any new ideas are welcome especially since I am just using one picture and telling its story.  Hope to see you in the comments below!

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