What on earth is a Zendoodle you might ask, I was wondering the same thing when I stumbled upon a Zendoodle pin on Pinterest.  I instantly fell in love with these pictures.  I looked at tons of Zendoodles, followed many boards, and started drawing one of my own all in one night.  But this wasn’t enough for me, I needed to know more, so I did some Googling.

From what I have read, and don’t quote me on any of this I am in no way an expert I just started this, Zendoodling came from a more structured form of drawing called Zentangle.

For it to be a Zentangle the drawing has to be

  • On a 3.5″ square
  • The square is sectioned off and in those sections you choose the pattern
  • It is not meant to look like anything
  • It is in black and white

Zendoodling on the other hand

  • Can be any size
  • Any color
  • Can be made to look like anything

Which ever one you choose to create they both have many benefits.  This is the part I found most interesting.  They can focus, relax, and calm you.  After srting my first doodle I felt so good about myself both as an artist and as a person.  I was instantly happy and smiley.  I have also read that you should try to Zentangle or Zendoodle instead of nap.  It refreshes and refocuses you mind without the side effects often felt after a nap, even more tired and groggy.

My first Zendoodle:

For my first Zendoodle I drew a big star in the middle, the points of the star touched the ends of the paper.  In each of those spaces I began to fill in different patterns and shapes.  When I was done I was going to fill in the star in all black.

My drawing was going well until I started smearing it.  On each of the sites and blogs I went on to see Zendoodles and get more information on them, they stated that they should be done in pen, and now I know why.  I am a perfectionist and did not like the idea of not being able to fix my mistakes, but I guess in hind site that defeats the purpose of a Zendoodle/Zentangle.

So I put that one up and started a new one in PEN.

My second Zendoodle:

I did this one in pen and I did make a few mistakes but was able to easily go over them and turn them into a new pattern/design.

The second Zendoodle I did was in the shape of a dress with many swirls, curls, and many shapes.  I really liked how it turned out, but I think I will use half this size of paper next time.


Have any of you done a Zendoodle or Zentangle before?  How did you find out about it?  Can you share your experience with them and of course some pictures.

If you haven’t tried to do a Zendoodle or Zentangle I strongly suggest you do and please comment below to tell me how it went!


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