Week 2 Using Planner

The second week using my new blog/craft/look for a job planner wasn’t as busy as the first week.

First off I was completely engrossed in this new book I picked up at the local library, more on that in a later post.  But what I will say is that it was a good read, a nice break after finally finishing that blanket I crocheted for my son.

When I wasn’t reading I was doodling which was just as relaxing and rewarding.  I have only finished one doodle and can’t wait to start a new one!

The other reason why I didn’t use my planner as much was because I was in a planning funk.  I only looked at it at the end of the day, when I noticed all the things I wanted to get done but didn’t.  All week I was a day behind, hence the reason for the late post this morning.  Next week I will use my planner daily, checking it the night before, to plan out the next day, and during my productive hours, 12:30-3:30 to see what’s left to get done.  I was so productive the first week and I want to get back to that.  I love seeing a fully checked off list, the only way to get that feeling of complete accomplishment is to get down and accomplish everything I want to get done.


wpid-20150113_205818.jpgplanner week 2

If I can’t get back on track this week I may need to find another way to stay motivated.  What do you do besides To Do lists to get and stay motivated?


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