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Scrapbook Pages 11 & 12

I am continuing with my plan of just using one picture per page and telling its story.  I am also using pages that I painted last week, a solid orange page and the orange on top with brush strokes on the bottom.

Ikea Window:

Morgan in the Ikea Window
Morgan in the Ikea Window

I love this picture of the baby standing in the window at Ikea.  She had just started to stand, while holding on to something, and with her once she learned to do something new that’s all she wanted to do. She was very cranky by this point but putting in the window really helped she liked looking at the cars and people below

I put her picture in the middle of the page just like she was standing in the middle of the window.

For this page I glued some colorful hole punches at the bottom.

I used white, black, and a few colorful letter stickers to spell out what this page was about.  This was my first time using white sticker, I was a little wary at first, but they look great with the orange back ground.

Jordan on a Ladder:

Jordan on a Ladder
Jordan on a Ladder

I love this picture of Jordan.  He and his dad were at his great grandma’s house helping out in the yard/roof.  Jordan was so happy to be able to climb all the way up to the roof on the ladder, he was also happy to be helping his dad.  He loves helping with anything his dad is doing, lately it has been in the kitchen they can throw together some great meals.

I put his picture in the upper left corner and his name right under it.  I had set these letters aside when I first started to scrapbook, but forgot all about them until now.

I didn’t put anything else on these pages, they look good with just the picture and the story.

Thanks for reading!  Sorry this went out a little late today WP was giving me some problems 😦


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