Cross Stitch Revisit

Last Week I shared a map I stitched of the places we’ve been.  After I finished I was left wanting to do more, stitching that is not traveling.

I have or had many cross stitch projects going and only a small fraction completed, so I had many to choose from (self proclaimed cross stitch horder).

I chose to finish Indigo, a mermaid by Selina Fenech pattern by Heaven and Earth Designs(I am so tempted to see what new patterns they have, if I promise not to buy any I just might).

You can see the hand coming together

I have completed 1.5 out of 30 pages, I know I am crazy, but I love the big intricate projects.  I know I won’t be finishing this anytime soon so I won’t be setting any goal.  I am just going to stitch as much as I can when I can.

I would of course like to hear from other cross stitchers and maybe we can encourage each other to finish.


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