Book Review

Book Review of “You Have to Fucking Eat”

I took the kids to the library a few weeks ago.  We haven’t been in a while and I feel bad about that.

My son loves to read and get read to.  Being at the library forces me to read to him, I have no excuses we are at the library what else could I be doing.

My daughter loves to be anywhere that other kids are.  She loves to watch them, talk to them, play with them.  She also likes to watch adults but she doesn’t want them watching her back.

I also love to read, and I am not here to tell you my New Year’s resolution is to read more, I set monthly goals to tackle bad habits until they are all good habits.  I do want to read more but I don’t want to commit to something that I may not see all the way through.  What I would like to do is read as much as I can and hopefully share what I have read, why I liked or disliked the book, and what possible message I may have gained from reading that book.  I would also like to hear from others out there who have read the same book and may have a different perspective/opinion.
My first review, first book read of the year, is one the adult picture book “You Have to Fucking Eat” by: Adam Mansbach and illustrated by: Ricardo Cortes.

There is another book in this series titled “Go the Fuck to Sleep”. I just love them they are targeted toward parents and I definitely could relate to both about 99% of the time.

“You Have to Fucking Eat” is spot on with our family.

My son never wants to eat, at home anyway, because when my husband and I vent to family that he barely eats they all say he eats a ton with them and he must be growing. I think kids like to make their parents look stupid.

My daughter on the other hand eats anything, anytime, anywhere, but only once a week. One day she loves Barry the next day she won’t even touch them. It is the same with all food that is half way healthy but the snacks she has never turned away. This isn’t a terrible thing it’s good to like and want a variety of food in your diet but when there’s only four of us in the house, someone has to eat it and it is usually me, as was so perfectly said in the book “my whole diet is the shit you won’t eat”.

These books are great. I know that as a parent I feel that I can always do better or am feeling my kids in one way or another and I’m sure other parents feel that way too. But in reality we are all doing the best we can and it is good to laugh at ourselves and learn to not sweat the small stuff, our children will eat eventually and if they’re not getting enough fruits and veggies give them a vitamin until they do.

My son has read both books and he thought they were funny and suggested we write our own about his sister titled “Keep Your Fucking Shoes On,” as soon as we turn our back she takes them off!

My daughter loves the pictures in these book. The one I have is basically hers, she has read it more times than I have.

If you have children especially 7 years and under I would definitely recommend both of these books.

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