Book Review

Book Review of “Sister Golden Hair” by: Darcey Steinke

While at the library a few weeks ago I also picked up “Sister Golden Hair” by: Darcey Steinke.

Sister Golden Hair
Sister Golden Hair

I usually only read fiction so I went to the new fiction section.  I picked this book because I liked the title, the cover, and I was in a hurry my daughter was getting a little too comfortable and started running off.

This was an easy read.  It flowed well as in the writing didn’t seem awkward.  I was able to read this in less than a week along with keeping the house in order, cooking, and the kids; this was definitely an accomplishment.

This story is told by Jesse, in the first person, who is 12-years old.  The time period in the 70s and while I didn’t get all of the references, I was able to grasp some meaning from the story.

Jesse has just moved to Roanoke, Virginia after her father was dismissed as a pastor in their church.  Over the next few years Jesse battles with:

  • God (is He real or not)/Devil
  • Sin (if God isn’t real she wants to sin)
  • Cults
  • What is womanhood
  • Fitting in
  • Wanting to be someone else

She goes through stages of idolizing different people and wanting to be just like them for different reasons.  Once they do something that disappoints or upsets her she moves on to someone else, but she leaves the reader hanging.

I, an adult, want to know how the rest of these peoples lives go on, but Jesse, a teenager, is mostly concerned with herself and what’s currently going on in her life.

I think anyone can relate to this book.  As a teen many if not all people when through an awkward stage of trying to figure out who you are and how you fit into this world.  Struggling with what is right and wrong but also not wanting to be an outcast because you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing.  I would recommend this book to both adults, who could look back on that time in their lives and for some relive the 70s; and to current teens who could see that growing up is hard for everyone no matter what time period it is.

Overall this was a good book, and had I been around in the 70s, this would have been an even better book.


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