Planner Week 4/Tip 1

Last week I was able to get a lot done but it doesn’t really show in my planner.

Planner JanuarypLANNER JANUARY

planner January Planner January

See it just looks so empty!

I was able to remember everything I needed to get done, or I just did it as I thought of it, but for me this is a dangerous way to live I forget everything I’m sure there was something I missed I will figure it out soon enough.  So that is why I want to leave any planner users out there with a tip.

Tip 1:  Leave your planner out all day!

I don’t have much surface space to work with so when I need to use my limited space for something else I put my planner in my bag and sometimes forget to take it back out, out of sight out of mind if I don’t see it then that must mean that I don’t have anything to do.

But on a more positive note I tried something new last week.  It’s called Five Minute Friday, and for those of you who haven’t   heard of it; every Thursday night and all day Friday there is a one word prompt to write to for five minutes.  Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or punctuation, just write.  He is the Facebook Page where you can get more information and join in tonight or tomorrow if you like.

I enjoyed it last week and will be doing this each week from now on, it’s a great writing exercise.


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