Scrapbook Pages 15 & 16

This week in scrapbooking I used some more scrapbook paper scraps from the scrapbook paper envelopes I made, which you can also find in my shop.  All the scraps used today were cut using crazy scissors, I think this helps the scraps look better and more purposeful.

I also just kept it simple with just a few words and a few stickers or stamps.  The pages just seem to look better and flow better when there is not too much stuff on it.

This week I used the green pages I painted.  One is solid green and the other has a solid green square in the middle and brush strokes around it.

Fun Outings (Morgan):

Fun outings scrapbook page
Fun Outings

These are pictures of Morgan out at her favorite places (zoo, park, downtown playing in the water).  I framed them with some of the left over floral print paper that I thought fit in perfectly with the green back ground.  I used some of Jordan’s animal stamps for the zoo side.

Just keeping it simple

Pure Gold (Jordan):

Pure Gold
Pure Gold

These are the only embarrassing pictures I have of Jordan, sending a thanks to my husband.  He was not happy and these pictures capture every feeling he had.  I used my first hashtag here #Priceless.  Under each picture is just a few words explaining how he felt, what he said, and what he was trying to do.  This is by far my favorite page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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