Five Minute Friday

Wait (Five Minute Friday)


I waited all morning for Morgan to go down for nap so I could do this Five Minute Friday, but since she was so cranky by time I got her down I had forgot, that I why I am doing it now.

She could be teething but then again she has been for four months now and her teeth just won’t come through.

It could also be because we are not running her sound machine anymore, my husband hates, I don’t mind, we share a room, it’s time to make a change.  She get up a lot throughout the night.  Just tossing and turning she did this with the sound too but not as much or maybe because of the sound i did not hear her as much.

Whatever it is I hope she gets through it soon I miss the happy all day Morgan.

Today she just half laid on the couch staring into space she was just miserable and out of it I had to put her down early, she tried to get up early too and I told her to lay back down and she did for another hour.  You would think her mood would have turned around and it did for about 30 min and then she was right back to cranky.


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