Finished Cross Stitch Projects (Motivation)

I was looking for my cross stitching hoop to use for my current project when I came across my finished cross stitch project, btw I didn’t find the hoop:(.

At first I just saw the patterns, they have the month and year of when they were completed, and by completed I mean that I stitched every stitch, they are not framed in any way.

So my home work for the next couple of days or weeks, depending on how fast I can look up how to frame them, how much it will cost, and how easy or hard it will be. I would love to get these framed and find a good home for them.

Cross stitch 1Cross stitch 2cross stitch 3

cross stitch 4cross stitch 5

This one is my favorite
This one is my favorite

What are some of the ways you more experienced cross stitchers have gone about framing/displaying your completed cross stitch work?

I enjoyed making each one and seeing completed work just motivates me to complete my current project even more/faster.  I will have pics of my progress soon. I better get back to work.
Happy Stitching!


5 thoughts on “Finished Cross Stitch Projects (Motivation)

  1. I regularly frame my pieces in second hand frames, from a variety of thrift shops and scavenged off the street. I also like making pillows, but that is mainly for needlepoint.

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  2. Wow – that’s a lot of stitching! I tend to frame mine myself as well. Once you have the nadic supplies like pins and foam board its not expensive. The trick is finding the right frame without spending a fortune! I agree – secod hand frames are a great idea.

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