Five Minute Friday

Keep (Five Minute Friday)


I want to work on keeping more mormemories!

I tend to just live in the moment not thinking too far behind or too far ahead. Which can be good but also bad.

I can’t always remember the fun things we have done. To help me do that I want to take more pictures get more pictures developed and make more scrapbooks or try out a smash book. That way when the memories are fresh in my mind I can make these books to keep then in.

I also want to plan ahead better. Get more opportunities to have fun try new things make new memories.

I have two young children this is the time to really explore what this world has to offer.



2 thoughts on “Keep (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Hello! Just visiting from FMF. I too, struggle with keeping up to date on scrapbooking and preserving my family memories. I’ve never heard of a smash book? What is that? 🙂 Have a blessed day!


    1. A smash book is kinda like a scrapbook in that it is a book to keep memories but you basically scrap as the memories happen as soon as the event is over you paste pictures write what happened that way more of the details of the events are on the page and not forgotten


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