February Goals

Just a little doodle of mine
Just a little doodle of mine

This is coming out a little late this month even though I have been thinking about February goals for the last two weeks.  I don’t have too many large goals this month, what I do have is a bunch of small goals.

  • Blog Goal:  I want to up my postings to 6 days a week, this may seem like a big jump but it really isn’t.  On Mondays I want to talk about what the kids are up to, Wednesdays are for Wordless Wednesday all I have to do is post a pic, and Fridays are my Five Minute Friday I only have to write for five minute…easy and another way to document what we do and grow as a writer.
  • Job Goals:  I am still looking for either another part time job or full time job.  I interviewed with Comcast a few weeks ago and really hope I get the job.  But I will still continue to apply apply apply.
  • Take more pictures.  I have had so much fun with scrapbooking these past few weeks and am thinking ahead for the next one.  I want to make a 2015 book and I need to start documenting now so we have enough to fill a whole book.
  • Craft More:  I feel like I haven’t been making enough, working with my hands enough.  I have been crocheting and cross stitching but haven’t finished anything yet.
  • Read two more book:  I read three books last month and tried for a fourth but was unable to really get into it.  I need to make time to get to the library to pick out at least two more.

What goals do you have for this month or year?  How are you keeping on track.


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