January Goals Update

Just a little doodle of mine
Just a little doodle of mine

Here goes an update on my goals from last month.  I did pretty good and after about a week I really didn’t have to put much effort into it.  One goal in particular (getting up 15 minutes earlier) has really helped me to be happier but at the same time was the hardest to adjust to.

  • Blog Goal:  I have been posting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday without fail, it’s not always at the time I want but never the less they get out there.
  • Be More Organized:  I have been using my planner and am so happy I have them, as you, I’m sure can tell by my weekly planner updates.  I am able to remember more and get more done by using my planner each and everyday.
  • Getting up earlier during the week:  As I said before this has been the hardest adjustment but the most helpful.  I am less likely to forget something and am less stressed/worried about not making it out the door on time.  My kids can see the difference in my mood and in turn are happier and more helpful.
  • Plan Ahead for the Holidays:  This is not going at all.  I have nothing planed for Valentines day for the kids, my husband and I usually go out to dinner in February but this is not just for Valentines day it is also my birthday and anniversary.  But with only working a part time job I don’t have much money to work/plan with.  I really hope to get another job.

I did pretty well this month and will continue to keep these positive changes going in my life.

Hope you all are always able to complete your goals and find ways to keep yourself motivated.

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