Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

Last week was picture day my son’s school.  We always buy my son’s school pictures and sometimes twice in one school year.  This is the second round of pictures this year, we weren’t able to get pictures the first round in October which was sad because he actually smiled.

He always smiles for his school pictures but they always look forced in a scary kind of way and I guess it is, I mean who wants to go smile for no reason in the middle of the day with all of your friends around?

But somehow in October he was able to put together a great real looking smile, I hope he was able to do it again.

Can’t wait to see how they turn out!  I asked him how did he smile and what she showed me wasn’t too hopeful and he has two scratches on his forehead, hope those aren’t visible


Picture Day Smile
Picture Day Smile

For those of you with kids in your life, how are you or their parents able to get a good smile out of them?  Don’t get me wrong any face my son makes is cute to me but sometimes it’s nice to just get a regular smile.

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