Planner Week 6/Tip #3

Last week I didn’t get as much done as I usually do.  My whole week was off, but the family and I were able to adjust.

I used the sticky notes I was talking about last week on my month at a glance page.




What was different about last:
Wednesday – My son stayed home from school. It was snowing pretty bad and since his school is a 15 minute drive away we decided it was too risky to take him.  So during my cleaning and crafting hours (Morgan’s nap time) I played games with him.  We had a ton of fun just the two of us.

Thursday – My son had a dentist appointment (he was kneed in the mouth a few weeks ago and his tooth started turning red) right after school/work, so I couldn’t clean or craft as much, we just grabbed a quick dinner, ate, and got ready for bed. Basically it was bruised and is starting to go back to normal.

Friday – My mother-in-law had a doctors appointment that I took her to, then we went over to my grandma’s house because it was closer than mine for Morgan to nap, then we went back over to my mother-in-law’s to have dinner. So again no time to clean or craft.

This was a busy/off week for us but it was okay we adjusted well (especially Morgan) and we had fun going to different places and getting extra time with family.

All in all I didn’t get to finish my scrapbook pages last week but I will have it finished and ready to share this Saturday.

New things I did get around to doing this week:
I did my first Wordless Wednesday and it was made better by my son staying home from school, we had a great snowday. I also found some other great blogs that do this too, it’s a great way to practice taking pictures.

I also picked up an old half started quilt. Still haven’t finished it yet but I am working on it.

I have another Tip for this week: Always plan ahead and even try to get things done before the deadline just in case something comes up! I will be keeping this in mind because being stuck with a bunch of laundry and cleaning all in one day is not fun!

Hope to have a better planed out week and if not that’s okay I just need to try to get things done ASAP instead of waiting until right before the deadline. How do you adjust when your plans don’t go the way you want them to?


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