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Book Review Of Elenor and Park

OMG I absolutely loved this book.  I don’t want to get too much into this book because I want to join in ABM’s book club decision at the end of February.  I was on their blog when they announced the February book.  I hurried up and put it on hold at the library.  I planned on just reading a few pages a day, since I had until the end of February to finish it for the discussion, but it was so good I accidently read it all.


It was such a sweet love story.

This book was set in the 80’s so I was able to get more of the references than I did in “Sister Golden Hair,” which is a song from what I was able to gather.  Elenor comes from a bad home; too many mouths to feed, an abusive stepdad (these parts are hard for me to read as a parent because I just can’t fathom putting my child in this kind of situation), while Park comes from a very loving family; mom and dad still together, money to buy things and go to fun places.  Neither one understands why or believe the other would like them, but they keep trying because they are so different from their classmates and share the same interests.

They almost don’t make it, but they must because they can’t live without each other, they just may be each others one true love.  Great story I almost cried at the end, mostly because it was over, I always want more!

Please join in the discussion if you have read the book either here or on the AMB’s blog, I know I will!!!


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