Five Minute Friday

When (Five Minute Friday)


When will spring be here.

I am not the outdoor kind of girl but I do enjoy watching the kids play outside.

They can be as loud as they want

They can climb on anything they want

They can run

They can throw

They can make new friends

They can play in the puddles/mud/dirt/sand and all thing messy outside

They can come in smelling like wet dog but not for long it is bath time.

They can chase geese/pet dogs/bird watch

We could picnic, take walks, ride bikes

All the things I don’t want them doing inside they can freely do outside.

The only other thing I want when I go outside is a tan.

When will spring be here

I just hope I follow through with this whole outside thing!


7 thoughts on “When (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Tan?! You clearly don’t live in the UK! 🙂 This made me laugh out loud… oh for some sunshine. I share your pain. (I’m sitting next to my Lumie BrightLight as I write – artificial light is the only way to go here, and for some time yet, I fear).


  2. I’m ready for spring as well. My children have always been outside children…until they hit teenage years that is. Now I must kick them out and sometimes I don’t just to have the back deck to myself to sit and soak in the sun and quiet. 🙂 Here’s to spring coming quickly!


  3. I’m ready for spring in my heart. I live in Hawaii, so we don’t have real seasons here, but oh my, how my heart goes through seasons. I feel as though I’m in a a winter season in my heart right now, and I too, am ready for spring.


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