Scrapbook About the author Page

This week I only scrapbook ed one page. This page is dedicated to me, the one who put this whole book together, and how much I enjoyed this process. I still have a few more pages to fill but since I did so many of the kids I wanted to make sure I show up in this book more than just a few times in the background of pictures of the kids.

I used the last colored page that came with this starter set. I glued down diagnal rows of yarn from corner to corner. I love all kinds of different crafts and adding some other things I like to do to this pages just tells more about me.

I put my face in the upper left corner and used the right side to briefly say how much I enjoyed making this book. I put this message together using a mix of letter sticker and stamps, word and picture stickers. It looks like a mix between a collage and a ransom note.

I also added in some word stickers under my picture that tell how much I love my family and enjoy making memories with them.


How much I enjoyed making this book

Flower collage

This is one of my favorite pages. I don’t have many pictures of myself and to have it on display for the family to see is just as important as having pictures of them. Do any of you scrapbooks out there ever make a page about yourself or an about the author page?

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