Planner Week 7/Tip #4

This week was another off week.





Tuesday was my birthday so I had some birthday dinners to attend.  Sunday was a dinner with my family and Tuesday was with my mother in law and some more of my husband’s family.  Thus was one of the best birthdays I have ever had.  It was a fun time with family and I got some great gifts, I am going to make a gift collage for my scrapbook.

Also this week my husband was off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  His mother had surgery on Wednesday so my husband wanted to be off to be there for her as well as help keep things running smoothly at her house.  Anytime my husband is home I don’t clean or craft as much because I want to spend time with him, though we were able to keep the house clean because he helped.

What I was able to do last week was make homemade valentines for my son’s class.  We made rubber band bracelets and yearn hearts for each of his classmates and teachers.

This week’s tip (kinda tip) for other planner users is to include your dinner plans, it’s so much easier to have as much in one place as possible.

I write down the dinner we are going to have over the next few days.  This helps in two ways.
#1 We always know what we will be having the next day. I can put the meat in the fridge to thaw the night before and we are less likely to get fast food as a back up.
#2 I will know what leftovers are still good to eat and which ones I should toss.

I have been doing this for a whole week, now let’s see how long this will continue.

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