Homemade Valentines for Jordan’s 1st Grade Class

My son is only in the 1st grade and I am already tired of buying valentines.  It’s not that I don’t want to give out anything to his classmates, I do, but I know they won’t read or look at the card after they have ripped the candy off of it.

So this year we are skipping the generic character cards and are replacing them with rubber band bracelets  (loom bracelets) made by me and yarn hearts made by my son and I, all of which we already had at home.  I bought fruit snacks to go with it although I wanted to skip that too, they will get a ton of snacks and candy from all the other kids.

Here are the bracelets.  I made a bunch of different patterns, I hope the kids don’t fight over them.


To make the yarn hearts draw out a bunch of heart on wax paper, this will make it easier to take off once they are dry. 


Cut equal lengths of any yarn color you want to use.


Dip the yarn in glue and fill in the hearts by first going around the perimeter then filling in the middle.  Make sure you over lap as much as possible so it will hold its shape when you take it off the wax paper.  We let them dry over night peeled them off and did another round until we had enough for all his classmates and teachers.

To assemble I used the bracelets to hold together the yarn hearts and fruit snacks.

I am happy with these little gifts and hope my son’s  class loves them.

I guess this could go in with my plan ahead for the holidays goal because last year I would have never had time set aside to put this together.

For those of you with kids how do you handle giving out valentines to their classmate?  Would you ever consider making them yourself?


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