Crochet Diaper Case Now a Crochet Hook/Scissors Case

So after I blocked the body of the crochet diaper case I went back to the direction to finish it up, by folding it to make the pockets, add the strap and button hole, and add a contrasting border.  I didn’t make it far when I realized the body wasn’t long enough to fit both the diapers and wipes.  At first I was upset, i should have tested it out first before I fastened off, but then I realized I could turn this into something else, why waste all the time I had already put into it.

I remembered seeing a crocheted pencil case on Pinterest and decided to turn this into something similar.

A crochet hook & knitting needles/scissor case!!!!!!!

Crochet hook caseCrochet hook case

Crochet hook caseCrochet hook case

Now I did this all free hand and could not reproduce this perfectly if I tried, but I love how it turned out.  Here is the basics on what I did.

I did the pockets as instructed, 9 rows deep but before I single crocheted them down I folded them backwards.  So basically I crocheted the pockets down at the same time that I attached them together.

Then I made two straps/button hole instead of one.

Next I attached two big buttons and finished the whole thing off by going around the whole thing and the straps with an off white colored yarn.

I love that I have a home for my needles, hooks, and good pair of scissors, because before they were just laying at the bottom of drawers, bags, and my project box (my husband got me this really cute boz that I am using to house any current projects I am working on).


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