Crochet Diaper Case(blocking)

I have been crocheting again!

I started working on a diaper case before I even finished my son’s blanket, I felt so bad every time he saw me working on anything other than his blanket.

So I put it up until earlier this week.  I have the body done, but it’s shape is a little off.  Once the diapers and wipes are stuffed in this case it probably won’t be too noticeable if at all but I don’t want to put the finishing touches on and be wrong.

So I decided to block my project I have never done this before and found some easy instructions.  It was not hard to do but if this were a big project with many pieces to put together I could see why not too many people like this step in putting together their complete project.

Here is how I blocked my crochet diaper case(for those of you who do not know what this is or how to do this, it helps to shape you work especially if your tension was off one day):

  • I filled up my clean sink with warm water and completely submerged the diaper case.  It took a while for the yarn to soak up the water all the way through, which was okay with me because having two kids there are bond to be many spills and I don’t want we diapers.
  • Then I wrung out most of the water, I thought this would take forever because it took so long to fill up but the water came out easily.
  • I rolled up the body of the diaper case in a towel to soak up any extra way on the way to my room.
  • I don’t have a blocking board so I used my new Ikea mattress, this is why I didn’t want a ton of water in it.  I pulled back the sheet on one corner.  I used the sewn lines in the mattress to make sure the each side was stretched out evenly and then pinned all four corners.
  • When I was happy with the evenness of the case I placed pins every 1/4 inch down all four sides .
  • I left it for 12 hours, it was dry and ready to be removed by bedtime.

Blocked Crochet

When I removed the body of the case from my bed the shape was perfect….but by the next day it had gone back a little but just a little.  I wonder if I would have left it longer or left more of the water in the stitches would it have stayed how I blocked it.

If any of you have blocked out a project before is this how you did it?  Do you have any tips on how I could do it better next tips.

Here is the free pattern I used to make the diaper case.

I will update on how the rest of the project is going soon!

Here goes the update


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