Finishing an Old Quit

I am still trying to find my hoop for cross stitching, I think I am going to just give up.  At least I am finding some other good stuff.

I had started a quilt a few years ago and never finished it.  I wanted it to be a full sized quilt but did not buy enough fabric, so I put it up until I could figure something out.  When I pulled it out this time it hit me, I could just fold what I already have made in half and turn it into a much smaller quilt for the baby.

I had already sewn a long rectangle and when I fold it in half I have a perfect square.  I pinned it together with the outsides facing out and a layer of batting on top.  Now all I have to do is sew all around it except for a few inches, so I can put out the outside.

But first I had to iron it
But first I had to iron it


I want to do the sewing on my sewing machine so I will need to pull it out and make sure it still works, I haven’t used it in years and if I am remembering right I may have to replace the needle.

If any of you have ever made a quilt before do you have any tips on how to best finish this project?


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