Five Minute Friday

Visit (five minute Friday)

Sick Baby
Sick Baby


I wanted to visit the old days, Morgan was sick last week (all last week and then some).  I wanted to go back to when she was happy and ate all day.

That old saying came to mind you don’t know what you have until its gone.  I could go on and on about how Morgan gets on my nerves is into everything wants to eat everything but what I offer her.  But when all that was gone when she was so sick she couldn’t even eat her favorite things, didnt have the energy to get into anything I left out, I was bored, I felt so bad for her.

Now that she is better, I am better.  I am happy to see her eating even if its something I wish she wouldnt eat (junk food), I am happy to have her make a mess get into everything eat crumbs off the floor.  I have something to do she is doing something.

I promise I wont complain about her again!

Love you MO MO glad you are finally feeling better.


4 thoughts on “Visit (five minute Friday)

  1. I love this post and the sincerity of it plus it made me smile. You’re so right about not knowing how good it is until its gone. My very best friend had her little girl in December and I see it on her pretty but tired face that although the lack of sleep is getting to her, if it was taken away she would miss desperately. Glad to hear that Mo Mo is feeling better and wishing you a wonderful weekend full of smiles 🙂

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