Five Minute Friday

Open (Five Minute Friday)


I need to learn to open my mouth and speak.

I sometimes am bothered by things, upset about certain situations, have ideas to share, but rarely open up to share them.  I know that people would love to hear what I have to say and need to hear what I have to say but I get nervous and clam up.

I want to work on being comfortable with my own ideas and viewpoints.  This is a big thing in my home.  My husband asks me all the time whats wrong and I say nothing, the same happens with my son.  I don’t want him to be like me.  I want him to voice when something is wrong or any other time that he wants to share something with us.  As a parent I want my children to be better than I am and I can only lead by example.  I need to make a change in order to get a change out of my son. I have a daughter as well and as a woman she with need to speak up as well, because women can be overlooked sometimes and I don’t want that for her.


I am a little late on this one, but I like writing to a prompt every week and decided to go ahead and do this one from two weeks ago, sick little Morgan had me a little behind in my blog and I am playing catch up this week.

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