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Canon Pixma MG 2520 (New Printer for My Birthday)

Another gift I got for my birthday was a new Canon Printer.  The whole family knows I love to scrapbook and this printer from my mother in law will be very helpful (this might be my favorite gift).

New Printer
New Printer

Setting up the printer was very easy, it only took a few minutes once I picked up the USB cord that was not included, so annoying.

I also got picture paper to go with it from my sister in law and I found some that came with an old camera I got from my mom about 10 years ago.

Now it’s time to test it out.

Most of the pictures I take are on my phone so I had to import over 2,000 pictures to my laptop which took a good 30 min. Once they were imported I picked two to do a test print (one of Jordan and one of Morgan).

Once I had these pictures in my hand I was itching to start scrapbooking in my new books and of course the old one needs to be finished up as well.  I will share more on that later.

What kind of printer do you use to print your pictures.  Do you use it to print other things as well and are they scrapbook related?


3 thoughts on “Canon Pixma MG 2520 (New Printer for My Birthday)

  1. I almost never print my pictures from home, despite my mom getting me a crazy expensive printer for my birthday! I upload my pictures to Target’s website and have them printed and sent to me. I’m super lazy that way lol!


  2. That is lazy I hope she’s not reading this.

    I only print like two or three at a time but if I need like 25 or more I would take them to Walgreens they are much closer to me than Target.


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