February Goals Update

Just a little doodle of mine

This was a hard month for my family and I, well not necessarily hard but busy and not in any way a normal month for us.  We had birthdays, surgeries, sickness, many missed work and school days, etc.  So with that in mind I did my best with my goals and think I did pretty good.

I have definitely been taking more pictures and would have taken even more if we were able to actually do anything.  I have even scrapbook ed some of the pictures I have taken this month, I will share these HERE.

Blogging has been sporadic at best.  I have most of the posts written up and some pictures taken for them but I just would run out of energy when I finally had the time to type them all up and chose to rest instead.  I am trying to catch up and find a good routine to get all the posts I want out and on time, so this goal will continue on into March.  I am having so much fun with the Wordless Wednesday and the Five Minute Friday, these are really the only two posts that  were going out on time.

I thought my job hunt was over but I ended up not getting the Comcast job :(, well at first I was sad about not getting the job.  It meant that I was not going to be making a bunch of money each month half of which would have gone to paying for day care but it also meant I wouldn’t be putting my baby in daycare.

A few weeks later I interviewed for another nanny job.  I am hoping to be able to balance both the current and new nanny job so I can keep them both.  I will keep you posted.

The two things I really haven’t been doing is crafting more and reading more, so these will also be March goals as well.

I have been cross stitching like crazy but have yet to actually complete any projects other than the crochet hook case. I have been cross stitching and of course scrapbooking but I am hoping to squeeze in some other smaller projects.  I love the feeling I get when I have completed something and have not had that in a while, so this is kind of a big goal for me.

With reading two books a month I have been reading a ton, way more than two books, but they were all kid books. I have been reading a bunch to the kids because they were home so much this month.  I have enjoyed this very much and want to continue to read more and more to them but I am dieing to read an adult book as well.  I will be putting much more effort into reading next month.

I did my best with all the curve balls thrown our way and will continue to work on my goals not matter what surprises I get in the next month!

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