March Goals

Just a little doodle of mine
Just a little doodle of mine

In my last post (February Goals Update) I mentioned how busy February was and how I didn’t complete some of my goals and want to work on them this month, so those are the ones I will talk about first.

Craft/read more, I have a few small crafts planned and will designate one day a week to do something other than cross stitch, which has been so much fun!

I have been reading a lot to the kids and want to keep that up but I also want to read at least two adult books each month.  I will be planning a trip to the library this weekend and will be getting at least 6 books, just in case I don’t like them all and if I am unable to get back out to the library before the month is up.

I also want to continue to catch up on posts as well as get back into the habit of having all posts written/typed, pictures added and scheduled at the beginning of each week.

That seems to be it, I really haven’t thought of too many ways to improve on my life lately what with February being so busy.

Do you have any goals you are working on either short term or long term?  What helps you to stay on track?

My biggest helper is of course my planner, I need daily reminders otherwise I forget what it is I need to work on/get done on any given day.

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