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Library Run

The kids and I went to the library after we got Jordan from school one last week, which by the way is the worst time to go.  It looks like everyone and their mom goes to the library after school.  There at least were a few little ones as well for Morgan to talk to/look at, she needs to be kept busy otherwise she pulls as many books off the shelf as she can before I catch her.

We got a great haul of 22 books, only 3 of which were mine, I wanted to get 6 but we just couldn’t carry any more.  The rest were Jordan’s and Morgan’s he got some that he can read on his own or to me and some I can read to him, the ones Morgan got were the ones she managed to get off the shelf on the way to check out.

Here are the books I got off the new fiction rack and what they are about.  If you have read any on this list tell me how you liked or didn’t like it.

  1. Lost and Found by: Brooke Davis-I picked this one because the cover reminded me of Eleanor & Park by: Rainbow Rowell.  After reading the cover it looks like this one is about a little girl, Millie, who is left in a store by her mother.  She later meets two 80 something year olds who help her try to track down her mother and along the way we get viewpoints from the young and the old.  I think it is interesting to see how people view the same situation differently based on their age, life experiences, gender, etc.  This looks like a good book, I think I might read this one first.Lost and Found Novel
  2. If I Fall I I Die by:  Michael Christle.  Who doesn’t like a title with a little mystery/doom.  This one is about a boy, Will, who despite his mother’s agoraphobia (fear of public places), ventures out into the real world.  He gets to go on these wild adventures with his new friend Jonah.  This one also looks like it will be good and very interesting.  Kind of reminds me of Room by:  Emma Donoghue but in that story the mom and son are held captive by a man not a phobia.                                                                                                                                If I Fall If I Die Novel
  3. The River by: Beverly Leiws. I have read some of her other books before. They are fiction novels about Amish People. For some reason I really like these books just something about the simple life. This particular one is about two sisters, Tilly and Ruth, who, after they left their Amish upbringing, try to return to attend their mothers wedding, they also hope to gain back acceptance and redemption and for those of you who know about the Amish once you leave it’s hard to come back.


Although I was only able to get 3 nooks they seem like they will be good reads. I am excited to get started.

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