Planner Week 10 Tip #5

This was a really good week.  Everyone went to work or school, no one is sick, the house looks good, and I am almost caught up on my blog.

Since the past few weeks had a lot of unexpected things come up I am playing catch up as well as working on current stuff so I don’t fall behind again. I am doing this by using big blocks of time to work on one particular thing ex. Clean house, write/type posts, craft and take pictures as I go.

My planner has been a big help.  There is a notes column on each week at a glance page.  This week is still catch up but next week is current projects and posts.

March plannerMarch planner

March plannerMarch planner

My tip for the week (tip 5) is to use all the space in your planner, keep lists in multiple places, that way you can see them no matter where you are in your planner.  Nothing will get lost or forgotten.  So my to dos are both in my note column and on the particular day I want to get them done, some of them on on my month at a glance page as well.

This week I am also working on putting tape along the top and bottom of each page.  I am doing this to help prevent my pages from ripping, I know there are a lot of people who decorate their planners and there are tons of YouTube videos on how to do it, I am not one of those people.

All that stuff would be just too distracting to me.  I do like that the tape adds some color to the page but it also serves a purpose, NO MORE RIPPED PAGES!

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