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Easy/Cheap Fix for a Broken Cheap Plastic Basket

I have been reorganizing my whole house, not all at once of course, but just a little bit at a time.

This past weekend I did my room.  I reorganized my shoes in the closet and switched where my craft stuff and Morgan’s clothes go.  While doing this I noticed that the basket that holds Morgan’s lotions was broken.  I wasn’t too sad about it I got it from the Dollar Tree, you get what you pay for.  But I also didn’t want to throw it out then I would just have to get another one and it would be more expensive because I wouldn’t want it to break again.

So I decided to fix.

I happened to be back at the Dollar Tree when I saw an assortment of spring themed duct tape.  They were all so cute I couldn’t decide which ones to get so I got them all.

Duct Tape

This tape would be perfect to fix the broken basket.  It’s cute and girly and it’s duct tape you can fix anything with that right?

broken basketBroken basket

Here is the basket.  I already started tapping the back.  The broken piece is in one of the upper corners, it was just a square that broke, but better to fix it now.

To fix this all I did was cut a bunch of strips 16 to be exact and wrapped them around until I go to the bottom.  I had to put 4 strips on each side, originally I wanted to go all the way around but the tape started to go at an angle then stick to itself as I tried to fix it.

Layer one
Layer one
All done
All done
All Done
All Done

I love how it turned out and how easy it was.  I may need to do the bottom but I will fix that later if it breaks.

If you have a Dollar Tree near by I would run out and get some duct tape, they have super cute patterns and the quality is really good for the price.

broken basketbroken basket

This is how it looks up on her shelf with her other storage.


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