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Scrapbook Saturday

The first two pages I did were from January (My husband and son went to the Broncos pep Rally and Morgan got to go to the park a few times it really felt like spring).  On these two pages and all the pages that will fill this book I will use sticker number and number stamps to date when these pictures were taken.  That way when we look back on the year we can see what we did and when we did it.  We can also see how the kids have grown/changed over the year.

Since this book is an 8×8 and the pages I bought were 12×12 I have to cut all the pages before I can scrap with them.  I am going to save the scraps because they are pretty big and I am sure I can find many uses for them.  One use I already found for them is to make a border around the pictures.

I did my son’s page first because that event happened first, but when I did Morgan’s I used the scraps to make a border around her picture.

I kept these pages basic I just used sticker letters to tell what was going on in the picture and the event behind it.

I also added in some stickers.

Scrapbook 2015scrapbook 2015

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