Planner Week 11/Tip #6

This was the week I was supposed to start my new nanny job.  I worked it out with my current nanny job to where I could do both at the same time.  But the family canceled the afternoon before I was supposed to start.  I was very disappointed.  I net with them three times and Morgan and I were very excited to care for a baby.

So the job search continues.

Other than the job let down, I had a great week.

The time change threw us off a little.  Morgan was napping half as long and putting her to bed was a little harder, I have had to go back in to calm her down but only once.  I am sure by next week everything will be back to normal.





Last week’s tip was to use every space in you planner.  I keep the To Dos/goals/plans on my month at a glance page, week at a glance page, note section at the end of the week, and big project plans on the monthly To Do/Call/Shop page.  On this page I noticed I never use the Call column.  In 3 months I have yet to find a need for it.  I really don’t NEED to call anyone and if I do I do it right then and there or within a few hours, I don’t need to write it down.

So in order to get the most out of my planner I am going to change the Call column to Project Ideas.  I have a ton of them most are pins on Pinterest but I noticed that after I pin something I go months before I look back threw them.  I’m like “Oh yeah I wanted to make that,” but unless I plan on doing that right then and there it’s months before I see it again.

Use every space in your planner and if there is a section you know you will never use turn it into something else.

Have any of you other planner users had to do this before?

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